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Monday, March 1, 2010

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans....ahh, I love the days I get to wear blue jeans! Today was a blue jean day....Hudsyn and I got ready to go to town and it was so nice out, I thought I would take some quick pictures before we left for the afternoon. She loves being outside and is always trying to get out the front door before me! Well, today she made are some shots I got of her enjoying the beautiful sunny day....


Of course toddlers, well they toddle and then they fall, right in the mud! Yup right before we went to town. She loved the puddles though, it was so cute! White shoes and all, in the mud. Everything washed off pretty good and off to town we went.


We had so much fun the first time, when we got home from town it was still so nice out we decided to head back out for another round of mud puddles! As you can see her cute little pony tails got smashed up and matted from the car seat! I think my little girl, bow and all loves the outdoors and getting dirty as much as I did growing up. That is why we reserve dresses for clean days and jeans for getting dirty, right girls! (I am sure my mom can attest to some days where I got my nice Sunday dresses dirty, sorry mom!)
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