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Monday, March 22, 2010

An Afternoon at the Park

Taking advantage of the "nice" spring weather in Montana could possibly only last five minutes on any given day. So, one has to be ready to run outside and soak up that one ray of sunshine that might shine through the clouds. Springtime in Montana, is like a little kid at Baskin Robbins trying to pick out what flavor of ice cream. I think I want sunshine, no I think I want rain, wait can I try some snow, yeah I think I want all three!! Sunday, I had to take advantage of the nice weather, so I took Hudsyn to the park. It didn't last very long and it was raining by the time I got home, but she enjoyed the ten minutes we were there. She loved watching the kids play and swinging.....

When the novelty of swinging was over, she was on to trying to climb the tallest and steepest stairs to the big kid slide!

She was on a mission! I am glad we were able to enjoy our ten minutes there and for me to capture a few precious moments of her at the park.

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